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                                     Participatory Government

Participatory Government

Core values for participatory government centre on two objectives with the first focused on:


1) Fostering an environment for authentic public participation that is inclusive, engaged and meaningful.

I believe that active and meaningful public engagement will foster an environment of informed and constructive decision making that will reflect the goals and objectives of residents throughout the community. I would like to see the residents of Kamloops more involved in the earliest stages of community decisions and planning.  I see several specific initiatives that can start Kamloops down the path to greater resident engagement including:

  • Encouraging earlier and more involvement in the budgeting process. While steps have been taken to communicate budget information to the community there can be greater input into the budgeting process – particularly as it relates to neighbourhood spending.

  • Exploring ways to encourage greater input into planning from the residents, particularly in the neighbourhoods in which planning is taking place.

  • Developing greater ties between organizations to foster more informed and collaboration on key projects within the City (i.e., artcentre)Review current municipal electoral system to encourage greater access.

2) Review current municipal electoral system to encourage greater access.

Opening up the City of Kamloops so that residents have greater opportunity to be present when council is doing business is important to me.  In addition, I would like to explore ways to make the electoral system more transparent and inclusive of all residents in the City.  This would include consideration of: 

  • Increasing accessibility to council meetings by holding meetings when more of the public can attend.

  • Considering term limits allowing councilors to serve two, four-year terms before taking a term off.

  • Discussing rules clarifying when financial contributions would place a councilor in a conflict of interest.

Walsh for Council

Re-elect Denis Walsh to Kamloops City Council. Engaged, community-minded, progressive and passionate, he has worked hard for the citizens of Kamloops.

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