Walsh for Council
Fall Colours
Fall Colours South Thompson River
Boogie the Bridge
Boogie the Bridge Popular Annual Event
Baby Owl
Baby Owl Family of Owls living in the Sagebrush area
Cool Bridge
Cool Bridge Where is this?
Deer at MacArthur Island
Deer at MacArthur Island Right in the heart of our City
View of Kamloops
View of Kamloops The west part of our beautiful city
Thompson River
Thompson River Looking East along the South Thompson River
Jane's Walk
Jane's Walk The Neighbourhood Associations of Kamloops are active and important to the vibrancy of our city
Cycle Campaigning
Cycle Campaigning A new twist on "mobile" campaigning
Lonely Dandelion
Lonely Dandelion Is this the last dandelion of the season?
Core Values & Principles

Walsh for Council

Re-elect Denis Walsh to Kamloops City Council. Engaged, community-minded, progressive and passionate, he has worked hard for the citizens of Kamloops.
Kamloops is a Wonderful Place to Live

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Economic Growth & Diversity
  1. Leverage and build upon the strengths Kamloops has; geographic location, climate, etc.

  2. Take a more proactive leadership role in collaboration, partnerships and economic development between the City, TRU, IHA, SD73 and TNRD

  3. Work towards expanding and attracting growth industries such as high-tech, green energy; value-added manufacturing and tourism. Continue to support traditional sectors such as agriculture, government services, transportation and logistics and associated secondary industries

Denis Walsh
Business Friendly Environment
  1. Ensure existing businesses are supported by a fair tax and regulatory system.

  2. Build and market a positive climate that is positioned to attract new sustainable, businesses.

  3. Enhance collaborative relationships and business

  4. Focus on support and retention of small business

Your Community, Your Voice
Standing up for you
We can do better
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Standing up for you

Denis has lived in Kamloops since 1980 and has raised his family here. He is an active local business person involved in a downtown retail operation and a commercial landlord.Denis has served as a director on the boards of the original North Shore Business Association, the Kamloops Film Society, Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association, and Kamloops Society for Community Living.

Denis is currently serving on his second term on Kamloops City Council. He has served on a wide variety of Council committees during his two terms and was recently elected to serve on the TNRD Board of Directors. He currently sits on the Arts Commission, Tourism Kamloops Board, and is the Council representative on the Biosolids Management Stakeholders Committee and Downtown Planning Advisory Committee.

His main areas of concern are economic stability, quality of life, improving community input and environmental stewardship. Denis believes benefit comes from working together with people of all points of view.

Denis is currently serving on his second term on Kamloops City Council. He strongly believes in meaningful timely engagement, responsible spending and quality city services. He welcomes your questions, ideas, or feedback on any community issue or initiatives.


                            Community Health & Quality of Life

  1. Foster accessibility/affordability for all residents to fully participate in a healthy lifestyle
  2. Support continued development of alternative transportation infrastructure

  3. Support access to a range of affordable housing options in the city

  4. Collaborate with other groups to build a dynamic and expanded Arts & Culture sector and infrastructure in the city - recognizing that this also has significant economic development impacts

  5. Work collaboratively with the Province, IHA, social service agencies and other groups to develop and implement strategies to help with crime reduction, poverty reduction and homelessness

Tax Management, Fiscal Responsibility, City Spending & Services

  1. Responsible municipal spending through transparent budgets and a participatory budgeting process

  2. Ensure wise and informed use of tax dollars regarding city spending

  3. Ensure municipal tax dollars are prioritized for the efficient delivery of quality city services

  1. Foster an environment for authentic public participation that is inclusive, engaged and meaningful

  2. Review current municipal electoral system, consider a hybrid ward system

Participatory Government

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