Walsh for Council

                                     Economic Growth & Diversity

I share three objectives for economic growth and diversity including:


1) Leverage and build upon the strengths Kamloops already possesses. Geographic location, climate, etc.

    The City of Kamloops has been blessed with tremendous natural strengths and I see a key   

    opportunity in leveraging these to diversify and shape the economic future of Kamloops’ economic

   development by:

  • Focusing on the comparative advantages of our transportation corridors to further build on opportunities which assets such as our airport, rail and highway networks can provide.

  • Highlighting the quality of our climate, land, and waterways which are already key components in shaping our agriculture, forestry and tourism sectors.

  • Building on our central location to foster greater service and support services in Kamloops and capitalize on service demand in the immediate region and the larger south central region of the province.


2) Take a more proactive leadership role in collaboration, partnerships and economic development between the

    City, TRU, IH, SD73, Province of BC, the TNRD and large industrial partners.

   Kamloops is fortunate to have incredible industrial business and government institutions all with a significant

   present in the City. Over the years these organizations have played a significant role in shaping the economy   

   of Kamloops. Moving forward I would like to foster closer economic development relationships to   

   support the on-going growth and diversification in Kamloops by:

  • Targeting support for specific business and industries within the community. While this happens on projects now, there is potential to focus on longer term objectives and goals incorporating the needs, resources, and know-how of the larger partnership group in moving economic goals forward.

  • Focusing on collaborative marketing among industry, government organizations and the City to support and expand the reach and resources that can be brought to bare on the investment attraction for the City. Already all key organizations spend money on marketing but by working together the reach and leverage of all partners could be expanded City.


3) Attract emerging industries such as high-tech, green energy and tourism and support traditional resource  

    industries, government services and associated secondary industries.

    Kamloops has a diverse primary industrial sector which can serve as an engine for attracting and supporting 

    new innovation and industrial development. In addition, innovation within a sector is a hallmark in ensuring

    industries remain competitive and leaders in their markets. I believe:

  • Focusing on high technology and green energy will support innovation with local industries and attracting new businesses in emerging industrial sectors.

  • Kamloops has benefited from the development of support services targeted at the extensive basic sector industries in the region, focusing on drawing these businesses to Kamloops will be an important part of capitalizing on planned development throughout the interior of British Columbia.

Walsh for Council

Re-elect Denis Walsh to Kamloops City Council. Engaged, community-minded, progressive and passionate, he has worked hard for the citizens of Kamloops.

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