Walsh for Council

                              Community Health & Quality of Life


Community health and quality of life encompass several components and is outlined in the Kamloops social plan.  Key findings include: housing and homelessness, safe places, alternative transportation and environmental health, youth issues, aboriginal community, building social and community capacity, children and families, and health and addictions. I recognize the importance of this work and will focus on the following.

Foster accessibility and affordability for all residents to fully participate in a healthy lifestyle.

I will move forward on community health and quality of life priorities and support:

  • Improving social connectivity within neighbourhoods by enhancing neighbourhood-based centres as service and meeting hubs.

  • Prioritizing implementation of City’s transportation plans to support development of alternative transportation infrastructure and connectivity.

  • Supporting access to a range of affordable housing with a provision of diverse tenure types and tax incentives.

  • Promoting the development of small-scale urban agriculture activities with the development/implementation of the City’s urban agriculture and food system plan.


Invigorate Arts and Culture

Arts and culture can be further supported by inclusive and collaborative partnerships to support a broad base of arts and cultural activities within the City. I will support:

  • Foster accessibility/affordability for all residents to fully participate in a healthy lifestyle.

  • Support continued development of alternative transportation infrastructure.

  • Support access to a range of affordable housing options in the city.

  • Collaborate with other groups to build a dynamic and expanded Arts and Culture sector and infrastructure in the city – recognizing that this also has significant economic development impacts.

  • Work collaboratively with the province, IHA, social service agencies and other groups to develop and implement strategies to help with crime reduction, poverty reduction and homelessness.

Walsh for Council

Re-elect Denis Walsh to Kamloops City Council. Engaged, community-minded, progressive and passionate, he has worked hard for the citizens of Kamloops.

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