Walsh for Council

                                     Business Friendly Environment

I see fostering a business friendly environment as a key foundational activity in raising Kamloops profile across the interior as the preferred location to do business and locate by:

  1. Ensure existing businesses are supported by a fair tax and regulatory system.

I envision Kamloops focusing on commercial and industrial tax rates that will see Kamloops increasingly competitive within the interior by:

  • Review the tax rates paid by the industrial and commercial sector to ensure that industrial and commercial rates are competitive.

  • Further explore how business license fees are applied (including looking at Langford’s model of scrapping the annual business license fee).

  • Expand City boundaries to include new potential industrial tax contributors.

  1. Build and market a positive climate that is positioned to attract new sustainable, businesses.

I support enhancing processes that will make the City among the leaders in the province in working with business to support their development goals within the City.

  1. Enhance collaborative relationships between city and business.

I believe the business community should be part of the solution and would support:

  • The establishment of an advisory committee to work with the City on issues and concerns that should be a priority for the City and work collaboratively with the City to map out doable actions to move forward in a positive manner.

  1. Focus on support and retention of small business.

The strength of our existing small businesses is an important component of the overall economic wellbeing in the City and a key economic driver.  I envision:

  • Greater role for Venture Kamloops in supporting the existing small business community through retention and expansion programming

  • Working closely with community partners such as the TRU, Chamber of Commerce, Open Door Group and CFDC Thompson Country in developing our entrepreneurial capital within the City.

Walsh for Council

Re-elect Denis Walsh to Kamloops City Council. Engaged, community-minded, progressive and passionate, he has worked hard for the citizens of Kamloops.

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